Peter: Who is this Devil, this 60th Infantry they're talking about?

Paul: I don't know exacttly: but I do know that this infantry family of his is one group of people which gives more and gets less than any other group of men on earth.

Peter: Well, what's that make this 60 guy?

Paul: Oh, I guess he could be called one of those non-unionjokers who work overtime and all that kind of business.

Peter: Scabs?

Paul: No, I would't call then that - just victims of circumstances you might say.

Peter: I guess it gets a bit out of hand, lad, when a man has been leading a life stripped bare of all social conventions. Miserable, lonely, scared - wishing their name wasn't
60, but working and fighting to make it the proudest name of its kind. Praying they were home, but swearing they'll stay and finish every dirty detail of the miserable job that fate gave them. 

Paul: Hold on a minute! Sounds like you're decorating a hero!

Peter: Maybe I am.

This Poem was taken from the book
Follow Thru - A short history of the 60th

2019 Rockford Days- Baseball in the rain and mud
Nov 11, 2019

11 Nov Rose Hill Veteran's Day


Lt. Jeglum  



September 27th, 2019

Rockford was a success 

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