16,112,566 million Served in the U.S. armed forces during WW II. Almost 500,000 made the Supreme Sacrifice and another 671,000 were wounded. Of the total 16.1 million who served it is estimated that only 2.5 million WW II veterans are still living today. 311,000 are projected to die this year, they are passing at the rate of 852 per day , or 35 per hour, or about one every two minutes. By Christmas 2014, the number will dip below one million and a decade later, in 2024, fewer than 100,000 will remain. By 2036 the number will be reduced to 370. These citizen soldiers sacrificed their youths to allow those that followed to live in freedom. We often take their sacrifices for granted. Many of us are the sons and daughters of WW II veterans. Our children and grandchildren may not even have known their grandfather or uncle who served during WW II. Most schools curriculums do not even include WW II as a course of study. So how do we keep our fathers or grandfathers or uncles memory alive? We choose to honor them by portraying a WW II GI. The way we dress, how we act, the authenticity of our equipment, by marching in parades or serving as on honor guard at public celebrations, that is how we of the 9th ID choose to honor our fathers, grandfathers and uncles. In the movie, Saving Private Ryan, toward the end when Captain Miller is wounded, Captain Miller pulls Private Ryan close to him and whispers in his ear “earn this”. Captain Miller and all but two members of his squad did make the supreme sacrifice to allow Private Ryan the chance to go home and live a life none of them would ever have the chance to enjoy. We in the 9th Infantry Division – 60thInfantry Regiment - 2nd Battalion – Company A, know what “earn this” means. It is our solemn oath to make sure the sacrifices made by all WW II veterans are remembered. The 60th Infantry Regiment’s motto is "To The Utmost Extent Of Our Power" we strive every day we put on the uniform to show the respect it deserves. We will accept nothing else.