Below you can find helpful tips for your impression. 


Each section is divided in sub sections describing various important aspects of reenacting the 60IR GI. Click the image by each section to enter it. 

Uniforms, equipment, weapons and vehicles of the "GO DEVIL" GI

In this section you can find the most important information that pertains reenacting the soldier of the 60th Infantry Regiment. 

Reenacting a soldier of the 60th IR

Important tips and suggestions about how to properly portraying the soldier of the 60th IR, from how to lace your shoes to how to pack your backpack. 

Suggested Reading

Suggested reading to further your knowledge of the 60th IR "GO DEVIL". 

Vendors and Links

Links to other resources about WWII reenacting as well as the suggested WWII reproduction and original militaria vendors. 

Media Reference Library

Media library compiled by the 60th IR to help flesh out your impression