Combat Uniform by Matt LeMasters


There are many variations of the combat uniform worn by the soldiers of the 60th Infantry Regiment, however below you will find the most standard and required ones. 

Basic Rifleman Impression June 1944

Combat Load




1. M1 steel helmet, preferably front seam fixed or swivel bail. Reproduction OD3 (khaki) chinstraps, correct style WWII high pressure liner. If helmet net is worn, should be ¼ inch OD7 (green) British style. 


2. M37 wool shirt and trousers. Trousers should be mustard yellow in color, not OD33 (dark brown). 


3. M1941 field jacket. 


4. Type II service shoes or roughouts and M1938 dismounted leggings. 


5. WWII style OD green tank top.



Note: This is a suggested list for a combat load. Items such as the bayonet and shovel can be worn on the belt if so desired. 


1. M1923 cartridge belt


2. M1924/M1942 first aid pouch, or British made first aid pouch 


3. M1910 canteen cover and M1910 or M1943 canteen


4. Ammunition bandoleer, WWII style OD3 with no markings


5. M1943 (preferred) e-tool or M1910 t-handle shovel


6. M1943 10 inch bayonet


7. Pineapple grenade, with correct spoon, if desired



Basic Rifleman Impression June 1942
Marching Load (in addition with above)

Note: This is a suggested list for a marching load. The haversack can be worn unclipped from the belt if so desired. This allows you to quickly drop the pack.


1. M1928 haversack 


2. Wool blanket (not needed, but if so desired this can be worn over the top of the pack and strapped down with tent rope. 


3. “Hobo roll”, consists of a blanket and shelter half rolled together, then strapped down with tent rope. A GP strap is attached and the ensemble is worn strapped across the chest with the blanket roll being worn in the back. 


4. M6 gas mask bag