Vendors and Links


WW II Impressions - US Army Uniforms and Web Gear

At The Front - US Army Uniforms and Web Gear

What Price Glory - US Army Uniforms and Web Gear

G.I. Intelligence Department - A great reference source for all kinds of GI stuff

Orion 7 Enterprises - M1 Garand Rebuilds Excellent Quality

CMP - M1 Garand Rifles

TOPPOTS - M1 Helmets, US Army Uniforms and Web Gear

E BAY - Anything and Everything WW II. Let your wallet be your guide.

9th Infantry Association - A great site with Tons of info

KING Company, 3rd Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division

9th Infantry Division - another great site full of great info on the 9th.



Links to other WW II Sites

107th Mechanized Cavalry - This is a site I maintain which honors WW II Cavalry Veterans and my father

Tarawa on the Web - This site is maintained by Jon Stevens, a member of the 9th ID and honors his father and the Marine Corps